God’s Bubba (AAAA)


God Bubba (AAAA) – Indica

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God’s Bubba is an indica strain.  The strain is a God Bud and old standby Pre-98 Bubba Kush cross.  This bud contains a strong kush-tinged smell.  At first its aroma is earthy, reminiscent of dried wood with a slight tinge of diesel fumes.  Upon opening the bud, the smell transforms into a herbal and slightly spicy scent.  Aesthetically, the buds of God Bubba are quite large and solid.  Their dense leaves are a green and yellow mix, with curvy brown and orange pistils.  The flower is heavily coated with translucent snowy white trichomes.

This strain exudes a sour-tasting smoke that may cause some coughing or watery eyes upon combustion. Smokers will exhale a thick smoke that smell of skunk and pine.

The high from God’s Bubba will takes up to 15 minutes after consumption to take effect.  It has been reported that smokers experience a feeling of constriction around the eyes and temples, and flushing in the cheeks.  Some users have also reported that their mind runs faster and an increase of creativity.  God’s Bubba may also cause sensory distortions to visual and auditory perception which cause trips.  This usually lasts for about an hour before the body begins to feel fully relaxed due to this flower’s sedative qualities.  Any muscle tension feels like it is simply melting away.  Airways feel clearer and a more hazy mindset begins to follow.  As time passes or consumption is increased, the user begins to feel a decline in energy gradually.

Taking God’s Bubba has been known by medical patients for combating stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia. Its heavy sedation can also be used to treat physical pain and lull the user to a sleep. This strain is not known to cause paranoia, but users undergoing panic should use with caution.


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