Incredible Hulk (AAA)


Incredible Hulk (AAA) – Sativa

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Incredible Hulk is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Green Crack and Jack Herer.  This strain’s aroma contains a earthy combination of citrus and pine with a very light fruity note of berry.  Upon combustion, the smooth and easily palatable smoke that is produced tastes tropical and piney exhaled.  Aesthetically, the large flowers have fluffy mossy green leaves, bright orange pistils, and amber translucent trichomes covering the inner and outer surfaces.

The high from Incredible Hulk hits quickly.  It has been reported that smokers experience a feeling of constriction around the eyes and temples.  Soon after, the mind begins to feel stimulated and run faster.  This cerebral high can lead to euphoria.  This is great for getting work done creatively and analytically.  Incredible Hulk may also provide the physical motivation needed to exercise.  The physical stimulation tends to range from increased sensitivity to thorough relaxation making the strain a potent aphrodisiac.  A sense of time dilation is also reported.

Taking Incredible Hulk has been reported by medical patients to elevate mood helping with mild to moderate cases of stress, depression, headaches, and nausea.  Its ability to encourage deep, lasting focus makes it useful for patients with attention deficit disorders.  It is not recommend to take Incredible Hulk prior to bedtime as it is very stimulating.  We also do not recommend this strain for those who are prone to panic or have low tolerance for THC.


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