Pink Bubba (AAA+)


Pink Bubba (AAA+) – Indica

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Pink Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid. This hybrid is a cross between Pink Kush and Bubba Kush.   Pink Bubba expels a dank, earthy aroma.  The scent is similar to wet leaves and soil with some floral notes.  Aesthetically, the spherical flowers’ leaves are a bright yellowish green with dark, rust-colored pistils. Icy white trichomes cover the surface, causing them to be very sticky.

Grinding up Pink Bubba flowers, however, will release a hashy, peppery odor.  Smoking this strain releases a woodsy taste with some floral accents.  Smoking may cause some coughing or watery eyes upon combustion.

Pink Bubba’s high takes 10-15 minutes after ingestion to take effect.  It has been reported that smokers experience a feeling of constriction around the temples and lower forehead, and flushing in the cheeks.  Users have also experience a distortion in perspective.  Ingest for a hazy psychedelic mood.  An hour into consuming, Pink Bubba may begin to relax the user’s body physically. Chronic muscular tension and knots may be relieved and destress the user mentally.

Taking Pink Bubba has been known by medical patients for combating physical pain.  Use of Pink Kush is a great way to calm yourself down, destress, and overcome anxiety.  It is also reported to lull the user to a sedative state.


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